Quazi Shahriar


5500 Campanile Dr., San Diego, CA 92182

Department of Economics

San Diego State University

Fax: (619) 594 5062

Email: qshahria@sdsu.edu



I am an Associate Professor of Economics in San Diego State University. Here is my CV.



Principles of Micro, Intermediate Micro, Game Theory, Micro Theory.



Applied Microeconomics, Experimental Economics, Industrial Organization, Behavioral Economics.



“Deception: The Role of Uncertain Consequences,” (with Subhasish Dugar & Arnab Mitra), European Economic Review, 2019, Vol. 114, 1-18.

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Papers Submitted

“Curbing Dishonesty: Interplay between Benefit and Norm,” (with Arnab Mitra).


Work in Progress

 “The Buy-it-now Option, Risk Aversion and Impatience in an Empirical Model of eBay Bidding” (with Daniel Ackerberg and Keisuke Hirano).

“Communication and Coordination” (with Subhasish Dugar).

“Effect of Norms on Dishonesty” (with Arnab Mitra).



Department of Economics

San Diego State University